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So what have I been up to? Operation: organize!

Getting work ready for another show at the Gallery in the Attic with a Little Red Hen Collective show for February. I think I’ll be making Love Bloops for it along with Plushrooms, regular Bloops, possibly some Boxed Monster Paintings and maybe some jewelry.

I’ve also taken up the project of organizing the apartment space to work for me and not against (crazy concept right?). I got my little desk outside our bedroom organized and made things function with more sense. I finally got the little cork board up, which had been sitting propped up on my desk for the longest time – a couple of hooks, some string and tack in the wall and viola! Functioning cork board working for me far better than it did in the past and not taking up precious space on the desk. I also have items organized in the memory boxes we got a good deal on at Michaels – it was Kevin’s idea whereas I had always walked by the in the past and only had purchased one long ago for postcard collection and some photos. When he asked me if I could use them for the items on my desk, its like a light went on and I envisioned things really working. Now I have a box to collect WIP sewing pieces, all my cutting utensils for fabric and paper etc. which stacks them nice and neat on top of the filing cabinet that is snuggled beside my wooden desk. They’re easy to grab, and now my art magazines are on my desk instead of on top of the filing cabinet in a position that was hard to reach. I now have a collection box for wooden stamps (both my own printed and non) one for my jewelry tools and hammer etc.

My goal is to work with containers that are either clear (like my clay, felt and pigment containers) or to work with the boxes that have label space so that I can keep track of their purpose instead of relying on memory. We really don’t have a lot of space, so its a matter of being really aware of what you have to work with and have things make sense in a flash. It’s no fun having to go buy a tool you already have because you can’t find it.

Another thing I’m transitioning to is getting clear totes of a specific dimension for my fabric. I keep the majority of my fabric in the hallway, and by having them in the clear totes, it will let me protect them from dust etc. while keeping them organized and stop the “fabriclanches” that tend to occur when its not Kevin or I going past. Right now the fabric is either in the large white bags they were bought in or else in large blue Ikea bags that I was given. It works for now, but I want 100% totes in the future.

I’ve also started to make a sample keyring to take with me that will have a snippet from all the fabrics I currently own so that when I go to Fabricland I have 100% what I have in stock with me so that I can make conscious choices for matching, complimenting or else the purchase of colours and textures I don’t already own.

Coming soon will be the organization of “The Beast” my drafting table in the kitchen and the subsequent space around it so that I can continue to make “stations” to add to my productivity.

I was also gifted an 8 x 10 monoprice tablet which I have only begun to noodle with. This marks the first upgrade of my tablet since before college around 2001-2002ish? Oh my wacom graphire 2 4×5 you have been good to me, but your drivers had to be noodled to work, and you’ve had a good run… you still work perfectly in my heart *sniffle*

Now back to creating like mad!

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