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Hello all!

Well the Gallery in the Attic debut of the Prescription: Art show was a hit! The rooms were positively packed with people and the show has fresh work from so many members (including myself) and many sales were had on the debut alone! Through the great reaction my Boxed Monster paintings had at their 4×4 inch size, I think I have found the sweet-spot-size for them! They are gallery-wrapped canvas and I’m very proud of the little guys. I also have my Plushrooms in as well as etched glass and one Bloop Pillow to add to the mix.

One thing that hit me like a bolt is that I haven’t posted any new acrylic paintings in my Paintings Gallery from my mini local show at Chasing the Cheese, along with new Boxed Monster paintings and that is something I hope to rectify in the future.

Also my Grant Watch 2013 came to an end the other day with a letter that I had in fact not received the craft grant I was aiming for, but its all good! I plan on following through with my new plush design – just scaled back with a debut of 3 designs to start and growing on from there into the others. Plus I get to have a follow up with the Ontario Art Council to see where I could improve when it comes to applying because why not take the opportunity to try again?

Now to tackle the mystery-filled world of water colour with my new Winsor & Newton Sketchers’ Pocket Box 12 half-pan set!

I also really need to get my art supply/book reviews back up! I have new products I’d love to write about and have my older reviews saved; I saved them from the website burp that happened a bit back and I think it would be a handy thing to have back on the site!


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