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Gallery show at Gallery in the Attic! 2 months long!

Hello all!

I’ve been knee-deep in work at the moment, but I’m proud to say that I have 3 new paintings for the next Gallery in the Attic show for the Little Red Hen collective! The theme for the next show that will be running from June through the end of July is that of copper, pennies and things people find valuable etc.

For myself, I chose to represent the oxidation of pennies that I’ve always loved since I was little – there was something special about finding a penny that wasn’t shiny but instead turning blue and aging.

Oxidation 1

Oxidation 2

Oxidation 3

These pieces will be for sale for the month’s of June/July. Also a special thanks to my husband for holding up my paintings for me to take photos of.

Now back to making batches of Murrbles!

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