New necklace example!

One of my errands today aside from visiting the lovely Wednesday Farmers Market to get amazing local produce, was to go to my local small print shop and get my new artwork printed for my new necklaces! I’ll be assembling them all today, but here is an example:

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This is the alchemical symbol of Summer, and I’ll have all the seasons available for purchase with an included thread-screw necklace for easy wear. The number of necklaces is extremely limited at the moment, but I’m really satisfied with how the designs look printed, so I think I may be ordering more parts for the future AND to have for sale online!

At the moment, these will only be for sale at the Art School of Peterborough: Arts and Crafts Market at my Magic Bean Creationstable in the corridor and in my Magic Bean Creations booth at Faery Fest Enchanted Ground.

There are only 20 in total!

Edit! Here’s the whole lineup of all the seasons!

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