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Busy in a great way!

Just as the post title says, I’m busy but in the best way possible! I’ve not only been getting commission work done, I’ve also finally found my eye supplies for plush in the size I need for large plush to be made! Woohoo! (of note, also for a special commission!)

One thing I can say that I’m incredibly pleased with is that I’ll officially be making some Wild Sea Marshmallow stickers! With possible Bloop stickers as well and a super secret Wild Sea Marshmallow project I’ve been working on as well that will debut here as well!

In the mean time I’ve also been organizing my calendar to figure out the next dates for shows, some to be announced in the future, as well as doing a charity piece for the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre Art of the Turtle 2013 to help raise money for their Turtle Trauma Centre for rescuing turtles that have been injured on roads etc. and releasing them back into the wild. We break for turtles (and help them safely off the road) and I love that such a centre exists 🙂

I also may enter in a piece to the Buckhorn Fine Art Competition – I’ll have to see how the schedule pans out.

One show I can officially announce that I’ll be participating in is The Hootenanny on Hunter Street! that takes place in downtown Peterborough Ontario on August 10, 2013! I’ll have my tent and all my wares so pop out to this free event on Hunter Street and hear great music while you’re at it!

That’s it for me for now!

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