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The Royal Medieval Faire 2014 has come and gone and was a complete success! I met so many awesome people and fellow geeks – it was lovely! Lots of great times, conversations and not to mention sales! Its because of this great vending experience that I’ve decided to add this event to my list of annual events that I vend at, so expect to see Magic Bean Creations at the Royal Medieval Faire in 2015!

There are also other things currently in the works, one being the ever-promised online shop that sadly keeps getting pushed back because of client obligations and more freelance work – priorities and all that – but it is coming.

Next up event-wise is the local gaming convention Phantasm where you can game with your fellow geeks til your hearts content! One thing I’m a big fan of when it comes to this small show aside from it being local, is that its an opportunity for you to try board games, table tops etc. that you may not normally get the chance to try without sinking in the cash. Definitely a neat local event to check out!

Now back to it!

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