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A bit cold hmm?

Well January absolutely flew by, and here we are almost at the end of February of all things. I don’t know about you, but where I live has had a slew of “Extreme Cold Warning” meaning that if you don’y have to, don’t go out. A feeling of -30 out is not nice to deal with and pretty crumby to dress for. Beet-red legs after walking to the store with 2-3 layers on said legs is not a fun day let me tell you… So I’ve been using my time currently to reorganize the work spaces within the apartment, to make my little spaces function. This means going through swaths of papers, art supplies etc. and a lot of recycling of excess. I also plan on donating any supplies I no longer need/have a use for to a local small art school.

Aside from reorganizing and trying to keep parts from falling off in the cold, I’ve been working on planning some pieces that I would have to sculpt and comics. So a lot of pre-planning, thumbnails and scripting, measurements and design etc.

ALSO I’m working with a local gallery that I am a member of to create a brand new website that will inform the public on all the great things the community can be a part of and a future catalogue to aid members.

So I’ve been a bit busy of late, along with working on photo editing of paintings and getting the shop ready.

So that’s where I currently am!

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