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So… the last time I wrote in here it was February… NUTS HUH? Despite the quiet here, I’ve been busy with freelancing projects to pay the bills (and enjoying the design work that I’ve done!) and getting in my payment for one of my fav events Faery Fest Enchanted Ground! Sadly its only a one day event this year instead of two, but that doesn’t mean I’ll have any less fun items at my booth this year including new plush to debut!

~ and other things as well ~

I just hit up TCAF this past weekend and it was inspiring as always as well as a way for me to say hello (however brief) to friends that I’ve made over the years online. It’s an incredibly busy con, and like other events that I’ve vended at, there sadly isn’t as much time to chat as you would like.

Who is one of these awesome artists? Someone I’m glad to call friend, Jerzy Drozd! He bills himself as a “cartoonist/teaching artist” and for good reason! To my mind, his main claim to fame is his true passion for comics, and that comics are for everyone. He teaches classes both for young and old on the art of comics creation, taking the intimidation out of the art form and making it accessible for all (something I’m very passionate about).

Currently he has a fantastic webcomic titled Boulder and Fleet about a Polar Bear named Boulder and a little bird named Fleet who are adventurers for hire! It’s a completely charming all-ages comic with a nice balance of humour and action that all can enjoy.

Other things that Jerzy is known for would of course be his podcasting-prowess! One of my favourites to listen to is Lean into Art a podcast that Jerzy hosts with Rob Stenzinger about “Making things and reflecting about it”. All manner of topics relating to art are discussed with lots of special guests who are in the thick of it like the rest of us, with open and honest discussions about the troubles that pop up when you create, inspiration, rejection and more. There’s more to Lean into Art than I can type here, so I suggest to anyone to click the link above and check it out!

The other is of course is Comics Are Great! which is the youtube channel that hosts the podcast of Comics are Great as well as portal to Boulder and Fleet streams and Lean into Art. Comics are Great is well… GREAT! Its a podcast that interviews comic creators not only about their own work, but what its like to be making comics, what its like to be published, what its like just starting out and more. I have to say the folks in Ann Arbor Michigan are quite lucky to have such comic-dedication in their midst… speaking of which:

Jerzy is also responsible to help create the Kids Read Comics! free two-day event convention for kids! Workshops and creators and just the amazing energy that comes from encouraging people that comics are an amazing medium and that its not as hard as you think to jump in. I would LOVE to go to this event, but its not only at the same time as Faery Fest for me, but also is farther than I would be able to currently travel for a convention. BUT this doesn’t mean I don’t know a good event when I see/hear one advertised and this one would be an amazing convention to get kids jazzed about comics (and everyone else too!)

So in short: Jerzy you’re aces šŸ˜€

And on that note, its time for me to jump into the art supplies I bought whilst in Toronto for my TCAF visit and get back to making and planning and doing and updating.


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