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Well Faery Fest has come and now is sadly gone: it was a festival that I loved being a part of, and will sadly very much miss. I made a lot of great friends and met a lot of great people thanks to this festival as well as info about other festivals, conventions and events that were brought to my attention too. Speaking of which, I’m hoping to be a vendor yet again at the Royal Medieval Faire as I was last year and had an absolute blast at, and I will also be at my local gaming convention Phantasm 25 the 25th anniversary of Phantasm, both in September!

This month, I’m a part of the Summer Group Show in the Gallery in the Attic that runs from June 22 – July 27, 2015 in the Main Gallery. I have my Cuttlefish, Yay! and Screamie/Freakouts screen printed plush for sale that I’m quite excited about.

What am I also excited about? Getting my online shop finished to launch on Artfire! There is still photography for all the product I’ve made and calculating the shipping costs, but this is my main personal goal that has now been bumped ahead of other personal projects since I’ve had continuing requests about an online shop and I’ve wanted to launch one for a while now, so hopefully I’ll have that link ready some time in July!

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