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Royal Medieval Faire doings & on to Phantasm this coming weekend!

Right off the hop I’d like to say that we will definitely be returning to the Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo, Ontario next year. They run a nice tight ship and are wonderful to deal with.

As for this year? The people who stayed in the major downpours and massive winds were champs! There are repairs that need to be done to the structure of the tent from the worst wind we’ve experienced vending, and a LOT of laundry to do for all the decoration and table fabrics for the sopping mess they became. New supplies for the sides of the tent need to be bought, but we didn’t blow away like one volunteer tent did! I saw it land smack in the face of a volunteer who was running the same booth that hit him.

We’re safe and sound, made it through, got to visit and be visited by wonderful friends and vendors. Chalk it up to experience as they say – there’s really nothing you can do in the end but laugh since its a roll of the dice.

Next weekend: Phantasm in the Library! No tents to worry about! Vendor Island returns!

Cheers everyone!

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