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Inktober 2015!

Hello all! In comes October and with it InkTober! But what is InkTober you ask? It’s a great exercise created by Mr. Jake Parker to improve ones inking by inking every day of October. For fancy info here is the official The InkTober Initiative page! Anyone can participate, it costs nothing but your time (and maybe some art supplies) and in the end you’ve set yourself a fantastic goal to improve!

There is also a Facebook Page: InkTober

Not only is this a great way to get better, but its also a fab way of finding other artists.

For ease of posting, my InkTober entries will be photos taken for Instagram. After InkTober is finished I’ll scan them all in proper for my website.

So here is my InkTober 2015 first entry! Mama-Bat bedtime stories!

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