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Goings on!

Been doing a lot of organizing lately, and with that comes me thinking idly that I may want to re-tool my website here. I’ve got a LOT of new work to put up here that has been hitting Instagram first. I have an entire painting series as well as commissions and my Inktober series as well as all the new brush work I’ve been doing. I also want to get my reviews up again as well as the possibility of utilizing Youtube more.

With Spring popping up, it means I feel more energized and productive. The Gallery in the Attic website I made is live, the Gallery is picking up steam now that things are getting more organized and we have a good team of volunteers that we can rely on. The more Spring outside, the more people arrive to visit the Gallery and take a look at the great shows we have. Our February Group Show is held over for the month of March, so I still have my three pieces up at the Gallery. All Octopus pieces that I’m pretty proud of.

I’m also searching out shows to do for the Summer – it looks like there’s more happening in July this year than June, which could interfere with my annual family camping trip… but we’ll see what happens.

So just a post to show I am in fact still kicking about!


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