Magic Bean Creation Etsy Shop Launch!

Well looks like the time has come! Magic Bean Creations is officially on Etsy!

I meant to have my launch this October, but a few things got in the way like the final shows to manage for the Gallery in the Attic, the Gallery retiring, facilitating the change over of the space into something new to keep it in artists’ hands and traditional black and white photography alive, passing of beloved pets, getting a part time job, Inktober 2016, my husband changing jobs and among all that, getting the online shop finally up and moving.

My Inktober 2016 results for all 31 days can be found on my Magic Bean Creations Instagram account as well as the latest art uploads and what I’ve been up to in random moments drawings.

More will be added to my Etsy shop in the following days as well as an update of artwork on this website.

I also plan on updating my business cards and have new designs underway!

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