I’m a 36 year old artist happily married to my best friend Kevin located in Peterborough, Ontario.

Since I was little I had a fascination with making things and learning how things worked. From there that lead to drawing and a love of nature and watching my Dad carve things out of wood. My Mom taught me how to sew and I became the family hole-patcher and button-fixer. Things could be made from nothing. You could plan out ideas and make something new! A block of wood could become an owl; fabric and a pattern could become a dress. Broken things in the house could be fixed and how to fix things could be translated to create.

Fast forward to now, and you’ll find a person who is constantly researching techniques and experimenting with materials to create creatures and objects to make people smile.

I work in various media including paint, pencil, ink, textiles, and sculpting and love to experiment and teach myself new techniques to further my process and design. With said skills I create work that I vend at festivals, conventions and faires under Magic Bean Creations.

Contact: magicbeancreations@gmail.com